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Psychotherapeutic Treatment in Berlin

Indication of Treatment

I provide treatment for pressing mental concerns such as:


 • depression

 • anxiety

 • addiction and substance abuse

 • eating disorders

 • obsessive compulsion

 • problems with grief

 • burnout

 • extreme mood swings

 • psychosomatic symptoms

 • struggles with sexuality or identity

 • struggles dealing with traumatic events

Fees and Insurance

In most cases, after an initial consultation, we apply for health insurance coverage of your therapy (private insurance, "Beihilfe" or "Heilfürsorge" only).

Each session lasts 50 minutes and typically takes place once a week.

The rate per session is derived from the current „Gebührenordnung für psychologische Psychotherapeuten“ (GOP), which is 92.50€/session.

Private health Insurance


Private health insurance companies usually cover the cost of therapy. This also applies if you work as an official in the public service sector.


Please make sure to look up your insurance’s conditions for coverage. You might find application forms online and information about how many sessions are covered in accordance with your respective contract.


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Self payment


If, for reasons personal or otherwise, you decide to pay for your treatment out-of-pocket, therapy can begin right away, without any further delays. The cost are currently 92,50 € per session (in accordance with the current "Gebührenordnng für Psychologische Psychotherapeuten") 

Treatment costs that are not covered by your health insurance are deductible from your taxes (in a German tax declaration) if they exceed a certain amount.

My Approach
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